Our Mission

Why does Maa exist?

In 2007, the State of the World’s Children reported that, in Bangladesh, of the women aware of complications during pregnancy, the majority, 38% did not seek any help neither from a medically trained or unqualified provider.

times more likely to die from maternal causes than mothers in the UK

According to 2013 estimates, women in Bangladesh are 21 times more likely to die from maternal causes than women in the UK. This has to change.

Not all women are able to access support networks and receive maternal guidance when they need it most. Unicef reports Bangladesh’s maternal mortality ratio to be 320 deaths per 100,000 births.


per 100,000 deaths (maternal mortality)


of births take place at home without skilled medical support

This means there are a shocking 11,000 to 12,000 women dying from pregnancy or childbirth complications in Bangladesh every year; with 9 out of 10 deliveries taking place at home without skilled medical support. In rural Bangladesh, where the coverage and quality of care is often poor, many births are not attended by skilled workers, and mothers are dying unnecessarily from highly preventable causes.

However, things are changing.

With your support and donations, Maa aims to support mothers through the many struggles of motherhood, from prenatal care to the birthing process itself as well as vital postnatal care for both baby and mother.

How does Maa work?

Maa’s key project focuses on improving maternal health in resource-poor setting across the developing world. As Maa grows in strength, we hope to reach out to other resource-poor settings across the developing world.

Offer free health camps within villages in Bangladesh

Educate rural communities about safe motherhood and early newborn care

Provide simple, cost-effective, evidence-based interventions that can help prevent maternal deaths and ill-health

Run workshops with traditional birth attendants to help make home deliveries safer

Form unique links between UK-based and Bangladeshi-based university students with the aim of establishing long-term sustainable maternal care in rural areas

Offer UK-based students volunteering opportunities to travel to Bangladesh and help improve maternal care

How can you help?

Spread the word! The more people who find out about a project, the more support it will get.

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Our mission is to relieve sickness and to preserve the health of pregnant mothers in developing countries, primarily, but not exclusively in Bangladesh