Maa’s flagship project, JourneyMaa, an annual event which provides medical support and education to vulnerable mothers in Bangladesh, continues to grow in success every year. This is a 2-minute read from the perspective of one of our team members on how Maa has evolved since the charity first began in 2016.

This account was provided by Tamanna Islam, Head of Administration, Maa.

Having worked at Maa for two years now, it warms my heart to look back on how far the charity has come since its inception. As the General Secretary, I work with all the different teams at Maa and so, I have personally been able to witness Maa’s inspiring growth. The most obvious change is that it is no longer seen as a small charity managed by a few students at Kings College London, but now more and more universities work in collaboration with Maa and continue to raise awareness about the charity.

Another change I’ve personally witnessed is the continued strength in our numbers: Maa started with a few students and now stands with a committee of 51 people. With the growth of the charity, the talents employed within our committee has only increased. Initially, I had decided to join the charity because of one individual: their passion for Maa inspired me to see what I also could do to help further its cause. Now, the talents and motivation of all the other individuals that make up Maa continue to inspire me: as they strengthen, Maa strengthens. Certainly, from being a part of the charity so early on, it’s become clear to me that true success comes from having the right intention and working hard; something this charity fosters in all its incredibly special members.

Undoubtedly, joining Maa has been one of the greatest blessings in my life and for those who want to support a cause that has a visible impact on people’s lives, both the lives of its members and the lives of those it works to nurture and save, Maa is the charity to join.

If you’re interested in joining Maa, click here to see the roles available.