Is maternal education important to improve maternal health in Bangladesh?

This is the question we at Maa are tackling. In 2016, we ran our first health camp in Balaganj, Sylhet, Bangladesh; this included a dedicated system of providing evidence-based medicine to mothers, in order to reduce their risk of pregnancy related complications. However, medication and health checks are only one aspect of what JourneyMaa is about..

To complement this, we also delivered maternal health education. We ran several educational workshops highlighting the importance of proper maternal care, and provide guidance on how to achieve this. We believe by educating mothers in safe motherhood, this is a sustainable means of creating an impact long-term. Hence, the Maa education and health-screen programme has shown considerable potential in really changing the outcomes and health-behaviours of mothers within this rural area.

If you are interested in reading about the impact Maa has made in more detail, we introduce to you our JourneyMaa 2016 Report! Click on the link to find out more