Maa’s flagship project is an overseas initiative named ‘JourneyMaa’. It aims to deliver maternal aid to pregnant women who live in areas which are resource-poor. Since the project’s inception in 2016, Maa has focused its maternal aid resources on the rural areas of Bangladesh; initially starting in Balanganj, and expanding to Ramsiri the following year.

Why JourneyMaa?

JourneyMaa is a collaboration between individuals from the UK and healthcare professionals from Bangladesh. Every summer, the JourneyMaa team set up a maternal health camp within these rural areas. This provides an opportunity for pregnant women to receive free health checks; such as getting their blood pressure, blood glucose, urine and foetal movements monitored. In these areas where the maternal mortality* rate is high, these health checks are vital in detecting conditions such as gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia, which are the leading causes of maternal deaths in Bangladesh. Following the health check, the mothers are then able to see the on-site doctors, and receive free medication which can aid a successful pregnancy.

Maa’s ethos is supporting mothers, and is implemented in JourneyMaa. JourneyMaa fully supports women by also delivering educational workshops to pregnant women, and girls aged 12-16. By educating females about the stages of pregnancy, as well as safe motherhood, Maa is able to empower women to make the best decisions for themselves, and their child.

In August 2017, our JourneyMaa volunteers served over 300 pregnant women and 80 young girls. With academic research and on-the-ground support, Maa’s unique projects implement evidence-based maternal aid in Bangladesh. Now in its second year, JourneyMaa continues to be a practical way in which your donations are translated to life-changing work on the ground in resource-poor settings.

This is just the beginning.


*Maternal mortality is the death of a woman from pregnancy or child-birth related complications.