This account was provided by one of Maa’s O2 Climb participants

On Sunday 18th November, myself and the Maa Team ventured on a mission to climb the O2 in the hopes of raising funds for mothers in Bangladesh. These funds went towards Maa’s flagship project, JourneyMaa, which educates and cares for pregnant women; so it was truly amazing to see what our donations can do for women who form one of the most disadvantaged communities in the world. I know some of the volunteers who embarked on JourneyMaa 2018, and they inspired me to take part in the O2 Climb. What particularly stood out were the stories they shared of the mothers they met – some stories were lighthearted but others were heartbreaking, especially those surrounding the topic of miscarriages and stillbirths. I knew that even the smallest difference made through this venture would truly help.

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When the day of the Climb arrived, we were greeted by the lovely Maa committee and the climbing guides which informed us on how to wear our harnesses. Shortly after, we changed into our gear and headed to the platform. Despite the heights, I was taken away by the views; a hazy, orange and red-streaked sky formed the backdrop of the climb. There were 30 of the Maa climbers altogether, each supporting the other to reach the top. As we made our way up, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the parallels between our walk and the walk undertaken by mothers in Bangladesh who set out for miles in search of medical help – one done in entertainment and the latter out of sheer, desperate need. I knew that each step mattered.

Throughout the Climb, our guides were very helpful and encouraging. Some of my friends who also participated are afraid of heights, but they managed to face their fears and conquer the O2 in the process. We then changed out of our climbing gear and received a certificate of achievement from the Founder of Maa, Aqil. This was an impactful memento to remind us of a time where something as seemingly trivial and enjoyable as climbing this iconic building had in some way transformed a person’s life halfway across the world.

Total Amount Raised by Maa's O2 Climb Participants (£)

Overall, I have to say that the atmosphere and company was amazing. This event was in the spirit of supporting mothers and we raised a fantastic amount too. It has left an amazing lasting impression and I would definitely recommend it to others.